Yes, there are thousands of excellent destinations to be seen around the country – and the world! However, the ones worth seeing are usually those “hidden gem” places. You know, the places that aren’t so much “been there, done that,” to so many people. The kind of places that the majority of travelers don’t think about visiting. If you’re reading this now, it’s probably because you are thinking about visiting Monterey, but aren’t exactly sure why. Let us enlighten you – Monterey is definitely one of the hidden gems that is well known, but not always the most popular to visit, aside from local travelers. Take a look at why we think Monterey is definitely a place you should have on your destinations to visit bucket list.


Monterey Bay is famous for being the world’s third-largest marine sanctuary, home to whales, otters, and other underwater creatures. It is surely fascinating to see these creating first hand, Monterey is just the place to do that.


For several decades, city folks have come to the Monterey Bay area for some serious rest and relaxation. It’s a great place to browse unique shops and galleries, ride a giant roller coaster, or play a few rounds of golf on one of their world-class golf courses.


Need we say more? The marine life isn’t the only thing kept flawless here. More than the sea is protected here the region boasts nearly 30 state parks, beaches, and preserves—fantastic places for walking, jogging, hiking and all other types of outdoor activity.


The area’s rich agricultural bounty translates into abundant fresh produce, great wines, and fabulous dining. It’s no wonder more than 300 culinary events take place here every year.


Even the cities here are friendly, walkable places where you’ll feel like a local.

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