What can be more fun during the summertime than going to an old fashioned beach boardwalk? From the hot sun to the endless ocean, there’s not much that can beat taking a walk down a boardwalk. Especially one like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, where there is way more to do than just walk. If you’re spending a day in town, or planning a trip for leisure, it’s worth it to take stroll down the board walk – you won’t regret it! You’re in for a day of adventures! 

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk isn’t just any boardwalk. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is widely known as the best seaside park in the world. This upbeat amusement park is renowned for its great rides, remarkable history, spectacular beach setting, and friendly attitude. Founded in 1907 with a glorious old-school Americana vibe. The smell of cotton candy mixes with the salt air, punctuated by the squeals of kids hanging upside down on carnival rides. Famous thrills include the Giant Dipper, a 1924 wooden roller coaster, and the 1911 Looff carousel, both National Historic Landmarks. During summer, catch free mid-week movies and Friday night concerts by rock veterans you may have thought were already dead. 

The boardwalk’s amusement park has something for everyone to enjoy, from adults to small children – no one will leave without a smile! Also, there’s always something fun happening at the boardwalk! Whether it be a concert, a show, a festival, or a movie, just to name a few.  Closing times and off-season hours vary. All-day parking costs $6 to $15. Ticket prices also range to day passes, season passes, and other options to choose from. 

Have you been to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk? Tell us about your experience and your favorite ride in the comments below. For more information about the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, visit: www.beachboardwalk.com

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