Why You Need to Travel to Monterey this Summer

it’s no secret that Monterey is pretty close to perfect! It’s even more perfect during the summer months! Check out some of our reasons about why you need to travel to Monterey this summer. Whether to road trip or to golf, the possibilities are endless for an amazing summer getaway.

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Tips for Traveling to Santa Cruz

Traveling to Santa Cruz is easy breezy! However, just like traveling anywhere, there are always good things to know about when visiting that destination. Check out some of our travel tips for traveling to Santa Cruz!

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Quick Guide to Santa Cruz

Incase you weren’t already aware – Santa Cruz is the hub for all things awesome! From dining, to drinking, to shopping, Santa Cruz is a perfect spot to eat, drink and play! Check out some of our favorite spots around town!

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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

What can be more fun during the summertime than going to an old fashioned beach boardwalk? If you’re spending a day in town, or planning a trip for leisure, it’s worth it to take stroll down the Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk – you won’t regret it!

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Take a Monterey Walking Tour

Not only is Monterey, California absolutely beautiful, but it’s also one of the most historic destinations in the entire state. Take a walking tour on the Path of History to learn all about the history behind the city.

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